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We went out to the Washington Coast to dig razor clams at the end of last month. Clamming was good the first three nights (yes, clam digging at night, in January) but then it slowed down for us. Still we managed to eat lots of them. I even made razor clam ceviche for the first time (yummers!) and we brought some home for the freezer. It was a good time.

During the day, we enjoyed long walks on the beach and Ken did some fishing for surf perch. The first two days we had some sunshine and a little bit of rain and then the last two days, it just rained. Oh well. It was January on the coast. We tried to see the Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse but a thin and then a thick overcast mostly obscured it.

Once again, the girls were thrilled to be at the beach.


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I was without a computer for four weeks so I got a little behind with this blog. So bear with me as I add a few posts.

This is from the trip to Oregon five weeks ago. I was able to get some quality time on the beach near Florence. I was particularly fascinated by the action of the water and sand as the waves washed over a sand dollar.

The light at the beach is so inviting for photography. Maybe it’s just that it is so different from the mountain light where I live. It’s a different color and certainly less contrasty even when the sun is shining. Maybe from the moisture in the air? I return from beaches with lots of photos of just the beach, the waves, the sky – big empty canvases with little detail it seems. But there is so much to see if you look closely. Flotsam and jetsam from the sea and beyond. Birds. Anglers. Algae or seaweed.

Earlier this month I spent a few days at Pacific Beach on the Washington coast. The weather was mostly unpleasant with powerful winds, lots of rain and high surf warnings. This is the second year in a row I’ve experienced bad weather in December on the coast. Hmmm. Next year, let’s not plan to do that!

There was one partially sunny break in the weather and I took advantage of it and hurried outside with my camera and tripod and the dogs to watch and photograph the waves. I got maybe an hour out there before it began to rain again and I took my equipment inside. Too bad. I learned that I missed seeing a magnificent rainbow over the little community of Seabrook. A friend, Sheila Siden, has a place there and she was on the beach at the same time I was and she captured the photo of me and the dogs. I saw her from a good distance away in her orange raincoat. Later that day I saw on facebook that she was in Seabrook and saw her photos. You can see her image of the rainbow here.

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