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This is our sixth Christmas here! How can that be? It’s long enough to establish some holiday traditions. And one of my favorites is to ski with the dogs on Christmas afternoon. This year there is not enough snow to groom the trails at Big Valley so we went for a walk with dogs and friends instead.



Here is an article about the economic impacts to our community in a low snow year.

Ken doesn’t like it when the holiday season comes to an end. I feel a sense of relief that life returns to ‘normal’, whatever that is. It’s never really totally ‘normal’. Right now, the weather is dreary with rain on snow and friends are dealing with a family crisis. Is that normal? Who can say?

At any rate, presents are unwrapped and the mess cleaned up, decorations, except for the lights, have come off of the tree. New Years has come and gone and it’s back to work for most folks. The dogs are bored and wonder if they will ever have fun again. No wait – there’s dinner for them to look forward to! Hopefully, by tomorrow the tree will move on to its new life and become another bird feeder.





Solstice has come and gone and days are getting longer! Christmas is just around the corner and soon it will be New Years. We are firmly in the grip of winter with cold temperatures and ice and snow all around us. More ice than snow as it’s been weeks since we’ve had any substantial snowfall. ‘They’ say it’s in the forecast though. The tourists are already arriving for winter time fun in the Methow and our Christmas cards are, at last, in the mail!

Winter Sunrise


Christmas Cards



Santa’s Elf


The Elf likes Whiskey and Icicles


I prefer Champagne




Another Solstice Bonfire Celebration


And our Christmas Card to Everyone



For people living in the northern latitudes, the Winter Solstice is a significant event. It marks the end of the shortening days and looking forward to longer days coming. We celebrated with a campfire and fireworks here and from our friends across the valley. The darkest night sky was illuminated with countless stars. There was a little music, a bit of tequila and whiskey with icicles for Ken.

Inside, light reflected off of our Christmas tree, casting twinkles and sparkles and stars around the room.


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The tree is up. It has lights on it. Does it need more lights? Do you think I should stop now? What about the ornaments? And where’s the ladder? I’ll need that if there’s going to be star on top.

They’re Dogs. What do you think they dream about?


Christmas cookies at our house

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