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These images are from January 15. I think they speak for themselves.

Four women and six dogs got together for a walk in the hills above the valley yesterday. We had a feeble hope that we might get up above the clouds and into the sun but that was not to be. There was an occasional ‘sucker hole’ that almost drew us up even higher but in the end we slipped and slid our way back down to the trail. The low snow accumulation is sad and we will surely hear about it more than we want come next summer if this weather pattern continues. Our region is dependent on winter snowfall for adequate water supplies in the summer.

This week’s weather has been less than desirable. I suppose I should not complain about the rain and I don’t mind that too much but it’s also been darned cold and when it’s not raining, the wind is blowing. Last week was warm and pleasant and I managed to get a few images from the garden. With all the rain, the garden is looking much different now!


This Pine Siskin was obsessed with our dandelions. We have a good crop this year.









So far, the deer don’t eat columbine, knock on wood.



Iceland poppy



Something else the deer don’t eat



We are eating radishes and greens from the fenced, vegetable garden now



Ken’s honeybees are an endless source of questions and wonderment. He enjoys working with them and checking on them from time to time to see how the hives are doing. Are they strong? Are they too strong? Will they swarm? What are they eating? Will we get honey this year? How do we keep other bees from stealing the honey? There are more questions than answers. One friend said while you need to keep an eye on them, there is so much time when you are not watching and who knows what is happening then.


Ken ‘smokes’ the bees as he opens the hives



Smoking calms the bees



Pulling a frame from a hive as a bee watches



These are new hives this year



The bees are making brood and storing food





Ken points out a possible queen cell to the neighbors and their golden retrievers






Many frames are not yet filled. It is early in the season






There’s some honey! We got to taste it.


Our part-time neighbors have a beautiful pair of golden retrievers. Yesterday, after a long weekend of fun with their family and friends they come up to visit while Ken worked with his bees. The dogs are beautiful and real sweethearts. Sadie is the mom and Oggie (the doggie) is her pup. I could not resist making a few images of them.



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