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Mostly just Sky. Luna was there watching. It’s hard to get old and have to stay on the sidelines.

This time of year it is difficult to find good walking places. They are either covered in soft, unpredictable snow, or slush and mud, or just plain mud. The girls really like a little variety in their lives so I do try to get them out and about to various places. This morning we visited a small piece of public land on the river. It was a mix of soft and hard packed snow, very wet slush and occasionally wet ground. They were ecstatic. And Sky found sticks. Lots of sticks. What more could she want? Luna found smells. Lots of good stinky smells. It was a perfect dog walk.

Luna and Sky love water and they love the beach. We never did fully tire them out despite throwing sticks over and over and over again. Sky would still be at it if we could keep up with her. Luna took breaks to smell stuff.


How much fun did the dogs have on the beach? As long we were out there, the fun never ended for them. Sky could go longer than we could throw sticks. Luna would take it easy from time to time. Sand Dollar Beach provided a great place for dogs to run. We went out early in the day before the majority of the surfers and sun lovers made their way down the stairs. This is just a small sampling of dog fun.

Mary Ann and Frida, Christiane and Luna and I walked to Aspen Lake yesterday. It was a perfect Spring day with sunshine and lots of wildflowers. It was warm enough to shed our coats at long last! Frida and Luna were happy to jump in the lake and chase sticks and then romp in a lingering snow bank. They chased chipmunks too. It was a good day to be dog. And the rest of us had a nice time too.


Frida was swimming before the rest of us arrived



A dog with a stick



It just doesn’t get much better



Luna wants to play too






And shake!



Frida – don’t eat that stick!



This will be better



The view from the other side



Christiane made snowballs for Luna to catch















Time and time again!



How much fun is that?



And a nice walk through the woods



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