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Luna and I walked at the Twisp Ponds this morning. She is still recovering from her unfortunate incident on Sunday so I am trying to keep her calm and it is not always easy. The leash helps but then I was also carrying binoculars and my big camera in addition to making a few shots with my phone. It was a bit of a juggling act. Luna needs to recuperate for one to two weeks before she can get back to being Luna again. It will be a challenge. Rimadyl helps.

Cottonwoods reflected in an opening in the ice


Grasses frozen in time


Frosty leaves on a bridge in black and white


and color


Whose nest?


The only bird I saw this morning. I heard crows in the distance


Remains of a bird


Frosty oregon grape in black and white


and vivid color


Remains of a paper wasp nest. Where do they go in the cold months?


Ice near the bridge


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