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Here it is February already – more than a month into the new year. Time goes by so quickly. I made lots of images last month and finally got around to editing them.

We continue to get lots of snow and it is deep and perfect for winter activities. Ken’s brother stayed for a few days and tried his AT gear and his snowboard on the hill above us. It really made me want to get some back country skis.

Some days have had snow falling all day long and others have been brilliantly sunny. The frost and icicles have been amazing. Of course, we’ve had our share of shoveling. A friend gifted us his used snowblower and it was just in time. We were nearly overwhelmed with the amount of work. And then we had to have a big front loader come in and move the big berms left by the plow guy.

Here is a sampling of images from around our hillside.

Luna and I walked at the Twisp Ponds this morning. She is still recovering from her unfortunate incident on Sunday so I am trying to keep her calm and it is not always easy. The leash helps but then I was also carrying binoculars and my big camera in addition to making a few shots with my phone. It was a bit of a juggling act. Luna needs to recuperate for one to two weeks before she can get back to being Luna again. It will be a challenge. Rimadyl helps.

Cottonwoods reflected in an opening in the ice


Grasses frozen in time


Frosty leaves on a bridge in black and white


and color


Whose nest?


The only bird I saw this morning. I heard crows in the distance


Remains of a bird


Frosty oregon grape in black and white


and vivid color


Remains of a paper wasp nest. Where do they go in the cold months?


Ice near the bridge


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