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The freezing rain that coated the soft snow with a hard crust gave the trail groomers something good to work with. The ski trails had been soft and slow with all the new, cold, dry and powdery snow last week – good for classic skiing. The last couple days, they trails have been faster and more fun for skate skiing.


A thin layer of fog hugged the lowest trees as the sunlight climbed up the hillside


Ice coated everything, even the fence wire

Skate skiers

Great morning on the MVSTA Community Trail

With snow continuing almost daily, it seems like spring is a long ways away. A person may as well go skiing.

Suspension bridge across the Methow for skiers.

suspension bridge 0303


Friendly mules along the trail

mules along the ski trail


The white one didn’t like the brown one

mules along the ski trail


This one tried to eat my trail pass

mules along the ski trail


ski trail 0303


This turned into another bluebird skies afternoon of skiing.
on the way

Hairy Woodpecker working the lichens on an MVSTA sign at Mazama.
Hairy Woodpecker

Great skate skiing on the Community Trail
Great conditions on the community trail

Goat Peak in my rear view mirror
Goat Peak in my rear view mirror

Sam will swim any time of the year.
sam swims

Winter is hard on mule deer
Winter is a hard time for deer


This was last weekend.
Things were different this weekend.
skiing in Big Valley


Six of us skied into the Rendezvous Hut, one of a series of wintertime huts in the Rendezvous area of the Methow, for a two night stay. Weather was not always good but a good time was had by all.
Rendezvous Hut
Rendezvous Hut
puzzles and chocolate
sunset on Wednesday
pine needles
the whole group
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