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Some days it feels like spring even with all the snow in the background.

Some days the sun shines and the promise of spring is everywhere. Other days, like today, we wake up to snow and then rain, gray skies that do not help melt the heavy snow or dry up the mud. Wednesday was a day that featured the promise of spring with birds singing and outstanding views and water rushing down the road, creatiing rivulets and puddles and imitations of Lake Missoula flooding everything in its path. 

Says Phoebe

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Much is said about the four seasons of wonderful weather that everyone loves in the Methow. However, few talk about the fifth season – Mud Season. This is a time when folks flee the valley. Vacations are planned around this time of year. Any sane/smart/well-adjusted person finds some reason to be somewhere, nearly anywhere else, this time of year. Snow continues to be piled all around houses; some roads and many driveways alternate between ice (in the dark of the night and early morning), slush, and then mud. Skiing condtions might be good, but more likely a skier will be faced with slow, jerking slop. Classic skiers rejoice, letting skate skiers know that their season is longer and more adaptable to unpredictable weather. The ice rink is closed. Alpine skiers enjoy the few remaining days at the Loup, knowing that the lifts will soon cease to operate despite plenty of snow in the mountains. And some of us yearn for Spring and gardens and look forward to next Winter.


Where do you park the car?

Mud Season in the Methow


Don’t go out without your mud boots.

Mud Season in the Methow


The promise of Daffodils

spring daffodils


and Strawberries too

promise of strawberries

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