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I walked my dogs with two friends and their dog, Bailey this morning at Big Valley. It was a rainy, kind of gray morning but not too cold. The dogs didn’t seem to mind and the rest of us were dressed appropriately for the weather. Bailey is a small dog and her thick coat sheds water. She never really got wet. Sky has taken over as star of the show and she is in just about all of the photos. Luna seems to steer away from the camera and lets Sky have her fifteen minutes of fame. We saw a pair of American Dippers in the river. Belted Kingfishers chattered back and forth and we saw a Bald Eagle fly overhead.

The girls and I went to Big Valley this afternoon for a walk in the woods. The snow has melted as fast as it arrived. Remember – we were walking all through January and part of February before the big snows finally fell on us and now the trail is dry and the cottonwoods are beginning to leaf out. No flowers up there yet but there will be soon. Big Valley was a good choice because I strained my lower back last Friday and only feel comfortable walking on level ground. Any hills or rough terrain are really challenging. The dogs and I need some exercise and Big Valley is good for all of us with easy access to the river for them to swim and birds for me to see and hear.

The dogs and I love walks with friends¬† – both canine and human. These images are from a couple of walks on the Wildlife Area near Frost Road. It’s really just a mile or two from our house as the raven flies, however there is private land in between here and there. Consequently we have to drive about fifteen miles to get there.

We walk at home just about everyday. Even if we have a bigger outing, we will often do a quick loop just so the dogs can get their yaw yaws out and I can stretch my legs. And on a sunny day like this one – we go for longer walks.

This is our sixth Christmas here! How can that be? It’s long enough to establish some holiday traditions. And one of my favorites is to ski with the dogs on Christmas afternoon. This year there is not enough snow to groom the trails at Big Valley so we went for a walk with dogs and friends instead.



Here is an article about the economic impacts to our community in a low snow year.

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