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Tonight’s Art Walk featured gallery openings, open studios, artists’ demonstations and lots of activities for folks of all ages. Passports were offered to anyone who asked and if a person managed to get to all the stops and do an activity and get a stamp, there were prizes to be had! There was big fun as kids and adults went from one end of Glover Street to the other and over to Door #3 and other venues one block over. I confess to only getting to a handful of the fun stuff and I did not even pick up a passport knowing it was unlikely I’d make it all the way around. Lots of people did. I really missed getting to TwispWorks where folks came back with their own handmade hula hoops!

Here are a few of the images that I saw.

Some of the wildfire smoke cleared out to make a nice sky later in the evening.


Yazzi wasn’t sure what to make of this art walk event.




Don McIvor, one of our many local artists, demonstrated wood turning as the sun finally peaked out from the smoke. Don’s work was featured at the last Confluence Gallery exhibit.


He says that he spends most of his time making sawdust.



Animal skulls were prominently displayed at the Pelligro Gallery


This one is a pelican


Shoes as art


Accordian dreams

Ken wanted to get his line in the water after a hard day of working around the house so he persistently persuaded Luna and me to join him for a little while at sunset. The light was gorgeous. Luna enjoyed some water time.










Last weekend my friend came up from the hotter part of the state in hopes of cooling off a bit and doing some fly fishing. The weather was not cool at all with the thermometer hitting 100 degrees both days! However, mountain streams are cool and refreshing and she was able to wet her line in a couple of them over the weekend.


Saturday afternoon’s creek


A nice deep pool


Sam enjoyed the cold clear water


Pine drops, Pterospora andromedea


According to the USFS, Pinedrops is a member of the Indian-pipe family  (Monotropaceae). Pinedrops is a root parasite, depending on its association  with a mycorrhizal fungus that is also associated with a pine tree. Pinedrops produces  very little chlorophyll and is therefore not green in color and does not  conduct photosynthesis.


Sunday morning creek. The dogs didn’t get to go this time.


This water was even colder than the previous day’s water.


I was fascinated by the patterns of water and rocks



Cold foot


I played with capturing moving water although I had left my tripod at home.


There is an insect inside that tiny bundle of sticks and stuff





A cutthroat, caught and released.



Today Highway 20 across the North Cascades opened for the summer season. It’s been closed since last November. In recent weeks people have been riding bikes up it, enjoying the traffic-free sunny days as they grind up the mountain. At noon, all that changed. The sound of Harley’s filled the air and RV’s trudged through town. It’s good for business but it does change the way of life in Winthrop and Mazama. For the first time ever, I decided to drive up on opening day to see the big cut snowbanks and enjoy the mountain air. But first, Luna and I went for a bike ride at Big Valley, where just weeks ago, we were skiing!

Ok, maybe it was nearly two months ago but it doesn’t seem like that long since we were skiing here.


Luna enjoyed the clear cold water of the Methow


The river is running a little high, much higher than in the winter


Not too high for swimming


This bike rider was enjoying the long hill climb as his wife drove the route, photographing him.


Liberty Bell from that same spot

And she made my picture too.




MVSTA said that today is probably the last day of grooming at Big Valley this season. Only one thing to do. Luna and I headed up valley to take advantage of the day.


The Methow River


Reflected trees


Love those curls. Next week, Luna gets a hair cut.



I discovered that the snow in the field was still firm enough for skiing so off we went. It was great – nearly effortless skate skiing.


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